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The short and sweet festival

The short and sweet festival is an international organization that focuses on creative shorts under 10 minutes. The festival has been around for over 15 years specializing in theatre plays,

Photoshoot with Roberto Valenzuela

In June Chapter 5 studios had the pleasure of documenting by film, the amazing efforts of Roberto Valenzuela; An LA based professional photographer. Roberto was born in Mexico and moved

Congratulations, its been a year!

Blog 14/6/17 Chapter 5 studios began as an idea between James Di Martino and Daniel Facciolo over burgers. Having worked together previously and both nearing the end of their education,

An interview with James and Daniel – Co Founders of Chapter 5 studios

What aspects of your background led to your entrepreneurial passion and will contribute to your business’ success? James: I come from an Italian family. Growing up I saw my dad

Production- “A documented journey”

Production- “A documented journey” 28/2/17- This year started with the planning of a short film titled, ‘The painted world of Alasius Pinkarmy’. This blog post documents the journey of the

Marketing, innovating and expanding

24/1/17- Marketing, innovating and expanding January saw many challenges and changes to Chapter 5 studios.  Business strategies where implemented as well as a range of marketing ideas and innovation to